What a Shot!

Divya Singh, Head Physiotherapist & Biomechanist

courtesy: Sifat Alag, Pro-Golfer at Sporting Ethos

It could be the difference between a good and bad game of Golf: Immediately heading to the golf course after sitting hunched on your computer for a couple of hours. Yes, apart from being terrible for your posture, it can really wreck your performance on the golf course.

Not only this, in my clinical experience, majority of golf-related injuries are due to poor postures we maintain through our working day, and then carry onto the course. The ‘C’ posture (rounding off the shoulders and bending of the spine) when one addresses the ball is more prevalent nowadays. The hunched posture is characterised by tightening of the chest muscles and a concomitant weakening of the upper back muscles. This combination pulls the shoulders forward creating the rounded shoulder posture that inevitably shows up in the golf stance; it robs one off power, distance and accuracy. The club head power is decreased by 30 per cent due to this posture.

Here are few simple tips to improve posture before you head out to the course that will definitely add yardage and power to your tee:

– Stand tall with shoulders square and stomach tucked in.
– Perform the Doorway Stretch: Raise your arms about shoulder height and place your forearms against a door frame with theelbows bent 90 degrees. Without moving your feet, gradually lean into the door until a gentle stretch is felt across the chest and shoulders. Hold for 15 seconds and repeat 2 to 3 times. Remember to breathe normally.
– The Shoulder Blade Squeeze: Lock your hands behind your body and pull your shoulder blades together. You should feel the muscles between your shoulder blades tighten. Care should be taken to avoid any neck movement. Repeat 15 to 20 times. Exhale on effort.
– Stand, Stretch and Reach: Stand with your back to the wall with your head, shoulders, bottom and heels touching the wall. With your chin tucked in, draw your stomach in without holding your breath and reach up with your arms. Hold position for 10 counts and repeat 5 times.D

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