Egg Whites and Beyond!

In my practice so far, I have observed that most of the athletes feel having eggs (or to be more specific egg whites) means actually following good nutrition! No one can deny the fact that eggs are a complete source of protein and should be a part and parcel of an athlete’s life but Sports Nutrition goes much beyond this fact. Another important point that I have noted is that though athletes and their parents are aware of the right food options, they are sometimes unable to make apt choices according to the type, timing and intensity of the sport being played.

Sports Nutrition, in simple words, is about choosing specific foodstuffs that will help enhancing performance at particular points of time. This process is gradual and requires a lot of time, patience and perseverance. The more you are committed the better is the outcome.

In the age of digital media, where a lot of information, material and exposure is available, a Sports Nutritionist can guide you on various issues and questions like whether supplementation is essential, how can one cope with vegan diets, what dietary changes should be made to suit different training phases, how to manage food options in unfamiliar environments, etc. This definitely helps the athletes to minimise the hazards of following improper nutrition and improves the quality of life and ensures a good and long-lasting sports career.

You may ask, “what is Sports Nutrition counselling all about”? It is actually a process where the nutritionist first understands and evaluates a particular athlete’s attributes such as Body Composition, fitness assessment results etc. Next, the athlete and the sports nutritionist together set short-term as well as long-term goals and a pathway to achieve these goals. Family involvement is also essential; especially when young athletes are being counselled in order to better implement the nutrition plan that is designed for them.

Effective communication is at the base of counselling and success of the nutrition program depends to a great extent on how well the message has been conveyed to the athlete. For this certain steps like demonstrating recipes, suggesting different food options, giving simple assignments is essential so that the adherence to the diet is better.

With this objective, we have launched the Sports Nutrition department at Sporting Ethos. We are certain that you will benefit as well as enjoy our Sports Nutrition programme.

If you have any queries on Sports Nutrition, you can write to us at or go to our website and click on the “Ask Experts” link.

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